Monday, October 8, 2012

The Collectors coming to Nook

Gamble your cares away in sunny East Town Florida. Just make sure your pay your debts on time. A late payment will ensure a visit from John and Luis Solo, two of the best collectors to ever work East Town.  Life is good for these two collectors until they gamble on an easy collection for King Lito, leader of the area’s Mexican Mafia. When the odds are that good the game is fixed. Now hit-men and bounty killers are chasing these brothers all over town.
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The Collectors

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Collectors out now!!!

Out now on Kindle and coming soon to Nook!!!! The Collectors has been a work in progress with many ups and down for us but now we will finally begin to cash in. Please leave a review and let us know what you thought.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Latest Story "The Snitch"

Hi all,
Please check out my latest publication on Powder Burn Flash You can read great flash fiction there and I encourage you to sign in and leave a comment on the stories you love.

My story there is called "The Snitch" and is a twisted tale of revenge, a tale as old as crime itself. Let me know what think by leaving a comment here on on Powder Burn Flash.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teaming up with Forker Media

SastreWagner is proud to announce we are teaming up with the media savvy guys at Forker Media. They have selected The Collectors as the launch pad for their publishing venture. Forker Media has been around awhile in the background of different companies gaining knowledge of the industry and decided it was time to create something on their own. Visit their website for more information and other forthcoming novels.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coming soon...

     Thank you to those that submitted flash fiction for this new blog.  We have had a blast reading them and will be getting back to you soon with a selection notice.  The first story is slated to be released shortly.
     On to other news, we are gearing up to film the book trailer for The Collectors.  Check back for possible casting call or if you would like to be a part of it send us an email and we will get back to you on dates and what we need.
     You may be asking, "Book trailer?" We've heard that before. Thing is, you probably have already seen one and not realized. Book trailers are nothing more than a visual aid to promote a book. Its a commercial, nothing more. With access to free media as we have today more and more publishers are using it to get their product out there. Plus it should be a blast to make.
    For an example just follow this link to youtube and do a search for your favorite new book.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Open submission if you're noir enough

     The Collectors is passing the reviewers' tests as feed back trickles in. So we go back to polishing a story eleven years in the making. In the mean time check out another blog where you can wet your appetite with some of the best short crime fiction out there.

         The Collectors esta pasando la prueba de revñisor comoretroalimentacion
       por lo que estamos puliendo una hitoria que tomo 11 años.

        Si esta grande historias te hace bombear la sangre
       haganoslo saber en
    If any of those great stories gets your blood pumping let us know at sastrewagner productions. We will be accepting submissions for flash fiction (under 1,000 words). The top three stories will be posted here on our blog for the world to see.
Email submissions to

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pay your Debts on Time or else...

From screenplay to manuscript the Collectors novel is finally done. We are in the editing stages and waiting on feed back from a few people lucky enough to read the first draft. Check back for more updates on the book and when it will be released. Let us know what you think of the cover art.
Del guion al manuscrito THE COLLECTORS finalmete se realiza, estamos en las etapas de opiñon de algunas personas que tuvieron la suerte de leer el primer borrador.